From weddings to birthdays Selfie Lab has the photo booth experience that is perfect for your event.

Other companies focus on only half of the photo booth experience, the photos. Selfie Lab is the only company offering complete customization of both the photo experience AND how your booth looks and acts.

Lighting Sample Photo 2.jpg


Our photo booths are the most eye catching booths you will ever see. The best part of their attractive LED lighting is that is can be completely customized to match the theme of your event. 


borders & backgrounds

Custom one of a kind photo borders and backgrounds can be made for your event. Have our designers create a custom piece or choose from one of our popular pre-made designs. 

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delivery methods

Times have changed and printing is not the only way for guests to get their photos now. Your guests can instantly text, email, and post to social media when they are done taking their photo. 

Photos are just the beginning...


Selfie Labs photo booths are able to produce stunning photos but are also able to produce so much more. You get to decide what fits your event style and your guests can easily pick the type of activation they want from the on screen menu.




green screen

light painting

Customization to make sure they never forget your event.


Selfie Lab has one goal at every event we attend and that is to give everyone a great experience they will always remember. A big part of this comes with branding the great photos/videos we produce with your event. We have the ability to do anything from placing your logo on the side to wrapping our whole booth in a custom vinyl wrap.




Vinyl Wraps

The final piece of the puzzle for any photo booth experience is the props. Pick from a standard bundle or mix and match to create your own custom prop set.