Photo Booth & Mosaic Proposal For Your Event

Selfie Lab would be honored to attend your commencement ceremony. We feel that it would be a great addition to your festivities and would benefit both your graduates and university. We pride ourselves on professional service, the newest technology, customization, and an overall positive and fun experience for you and your graduates.


Custom photo backgrounds

Selfie Lab not only captures great photos with our booths, but we also create custom artwork to specifically match your event to go around the photo as a border.

Delivery Options

Selfie Lab is able to give all of the graduates and guests their photos in many different ways but the most unique way we are able to provide them is through text message. Guests can receive their images instantly through text message so they can share or post online.

On top of quick delivery we are also able to insert a custom message with the text delivery. This can include a website link, hash tag, or any message you would like. This is a great way to expand the social media impact of your event and promote your university.

Printing the photos onsite is also available. 

Booth Set Up.JPG

Customization and Branding

All of Selfie Lab’s booths have attractive eye catching LED lighting and can be matched to your university colors. We also offer a variety of backdrops including a green hedge wall, simple white, or we can custom make a backdrop with your school logo.

Guest-Generated Hashtag Mosaics

We know that Northern Arizona University prides itself on being at the front of the pack when it comes to technology and social media interaction at your commencement ceremonies. Our hashtag mosaics are the perfect addition because they not only help promote more social interaction, but they also are a great way to save and capture all of the great posts in one large piece of art.

Guests are invited to participate and create a billboard-sized work of art – live and in real-time, powered by your event’s social media hashtag. Using your own commencement hashtag already established, photos will be printed and placed on the giant billboard filling in live as the ceremony progresses. At the end of the ceremony your billboard will be finished and complete for all of your guests and graduates to see as they exit.

This finished piece of art is then yours to display proudly wherever you feel is best.

Printed Mosaic.jpg
Printed Mosaic 1.png
NAU Mosaic.PNG